Flow State Business

Money Mindset - Dior Shopping and Dollar popping

July 13, 2022 Ruby Lee Episode 257
Flow State Business
Money Mindset - Dior Shopping and Dollar popping
Show Notes

We’ve just arrived back from our trip to Melbourne and I’m so happy to be back in Queensland! Melbourne train stations are hectic with so much competing energy flying around and I’m so thankful to be back chilling beside the beach on the Gold Coast. 

In this episode, I’m exploring how to earn money while you play. In 2019, I was travelling the world with my family as digital nomads across America, Europe, and Asia. 

During the year and a half we were adventuring, I cracked the code of how to earn money while we played. I discovered that the money would be called in, not when I was sitting chained to my laptop or glued to my phone, but when I was having fun and enjoying life. 

This led me to my favourite soul mantra - Life is a luxury holiday. I’ve adopted this mantra into all areas of my life and this is the vibe and energy you will experience in my new daily experience, ‘The Daily Richual’. This incredible workshop is for you if you’re ready to make your biggest moves yet! Through 4 weeks of live streams with a high vibe community, I’ll share how I took my business to 7 figures.

In this episode, I share what you can look forward to in The Daily Richual and how you can start calling in money while playing, having the most abundant adventures, and living your best life. 

You get to choose everything you do each day, so take this episode as a sign to start shifting the areas where you’re not following your high vibe energy and start to live life as a luxury holiday. 


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