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Creating Consent When Selling with Jessa Glover

June 22, 2022 Ruby Lee Episode 254
Flow State Business
Creating Consent When Selling with Jessa Glover
Show Notes

Do you create consent with your sales?

Do you feel your clients magnetised to you?

My guest today is the incredible Jessa Glover who is here to share how she is creating consent when selling. Jessa is an intuitive business coach and loves all things energetics and spirituality in business.

In this episode, Jessa shares her journey of following her internal compass and becoming an intuitive business coach. She talks openly about working on her energetics after being institutionalised twice, becoming pregnant and coming off her medication to raise her son.

Jessa went on to work in the corporate world successfully and was suddenly and unexpectedly made redundant. She decided she no longer wanted to work for others and started her own business.

Within 6 months, she had doubled her corporate salary!

When you’re at a crossroads, you feel raw, open and vulnerable. The universe speaks clearly to us during these seasons. Jessa deeply trusted her intuition and listened to her internal compass. As entrepreneurs, we are always given choices around how we hold the energy of our personal life and either bring it into our business or clear the energy out.

After taking us through her amazing journey, Jessa explores Con$ensual Sales and how there’s a sexy magnetism about co-creating consent in the sales process.  Listen closely and try it out in your business to find amazing results.

Jessa tells us to pause, hit the restart button and go from there. She decided to follow her little breadcrumb of joy, bliss and flow to become the incredible business coach she is today and you can too. 


Where to find Jessa Glover: 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jessa_glover_/ 

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@jessa_glover_ 

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