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The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur with Pauline Nguyen

May 25, 2022 Ruby Lee Episode 250
Flow State Business
The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur with Pauline Nguyen
Show Notes

Today, I’m speaking with such a unique and inspirational guest, spiritual entrepreneur Pauline Nguyen. Pauline works as the CEO of several businesses and has been remarkably successful in entrepreneurship. 

Having been her own boss for over 2 decades, Pauline has written 2 books that both received awards upon release, is an international professional speaker, developmental coach, a shaman, and owns a Vietnamese restaurant called ‘Red Lantern’ with her brother - the most awarded Vietnamese restaurant in the world. 


In this episode, Pauline shares her wisdom and experience to inspire and enlighten business owners in the ways of the spiritual entrepreneur. 

We discuss her books ‘Secrets of the Red Lantern’ and ‘The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur: The 7 Secrests to Becoming Fearless, Stressfree and Unshakable in Business and in Life’ - which both won outstanding awards! 

Pauline dives into her childhood journey leaving wartorn Vietnam with her family, traveling to Australia after spending one year in a Thai refugee camp and growing up with emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical abuse. She advises everyone that you have the choice to either hold on to your problems or reframe them as training. 

We talk about what a spiritual entrepreneur is and how it doesn’t mean there isn’t any hard work. The thoughts you think, the energy you send out, the words you speak, the people you hang around and the actions you take all create an electromagnetic signature that people are drawn to. As a spiritual entrepreneur, you harness all of these things.

Pauline strongly believes the previous idea of a Work life Balance should be replaced with Work Life Harmony and Integration. We explore exactly how this way of being is harnessed into your day with magnetic flow and synchronicity. 

I could’ve talked to Pauline for hours! She’s absolutely spellbinding to listen to and you’ll see why she’s known as the ‘most grounded spiritual entrepreneur on the planet’. 


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