Flow State Business

Affirmation track - Access Instant Flow and New Levels of Wealth

April 27, 2022 Ruby Lee Episode 246
Flow State Business
Affirmation track - Access Instant Flow and New Levels of Wealth
Show Notes Transcript

This special episode is going to drop you into the energy of new levels of wealth and more flow in business.

Listen to it every day for the next 7 days and you will see the BEST results.

Find a quiet space where you can listen without interruption. Close your eyes and take some conscious breaths as these powerful affirmations integrate into your soul. 

Allow the music to guide you as you step into an abundant heart space and realign your frequency to access instant flow. 

There is a universal storehouse of unlimited desires waiting for you to access whatever you desire and bring it into this physical world.  

Success, wellness, worthiness, an abundant and dreamy life. 

Know that you are deeply and completely loved and worthy of all the flow that is available to you today. 


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This is a track to drop you into the energy of more flow in business. Listen to it every day for the next seven days and you'll see the best results. Are you ready?


I'm curious about the idea of working less and earning more. I can see examples of this, and I'm noticing that my energy is responding to it. I believe I can create reality through my thoughts. And if I can think about the idea of being more in flow with my inevitable success, rather than wrestling my way up there, things are going to feel so good.


It makes me feel so relieved that I have this option of flow. And I love this feeling of relief. It's like an exhale that my Soul's been wanting to take.


I love that I can choose to let go, that I can unclench that jaw, that I can let the shoulders drop down, that I can release the belly and have an exhale.


In fact, anytime something feels hard, I'm going to give myself permission to feel this relief, that there's always another option available to me. And that option is going to feel playful and easy, and so much inspired flow-based action will come from that rather than that of resistance and feeling hard and feeling conflict in my system, in my body. I understand that working in flow isn't about being lazy. It's about being clear about what kind of work lights up my soul to do more in rapid, unexplained expansion.


And I do do more in rapid expansion. In fact, people are beginning to ask, how do you do so much in one day? I see myself achieving so much more of what counts, and in less time and I earn more. It's really possible for me to earn in overflow and for me to be a wealthy, abundant entrepreneur.


I didn't know how it would work out, but it really did. Success just shows up for me every day. It just started to magnetise my way. In fact, I'm not even needing to spell it out exactly. But whatever I need, all that I desire, all that I want, all that I dream of, shows up without any resistance. I am in flow.


I am a flow state master each day because I was born a Creator. I am the essence of creation. I am in the mirror of the Creator energy of source. I am the perfect example of a genius manifesto. And I do this with a smile on my face, feeling a little cheeky at times, and always in complete alignment to my Soul's purpose.


In fact, I'm sending an order to the universe right now. I'm dipping into that universal storehouse, and it's so dreamy. It's so exciting. It's everything I desire at this moment. And that order is currently being fulfilled.


So good. I'm so loved. I feel the love all around me. I love the world that I'm in, whether it's nonphysical, whether it's physical yet to be in the physical I just love it. I'm choosing to see all that's overflowingly amazing in my day today.


I'm so worthy of all that's in my life because I know that I've created this. I've attracted this and more of what I want, it just attracts me with ease. There's so much more of it. There is so much more of it.


There's so much more of it. I can have whatever I desire, whenever I desire, and as much of that as I want. I can have whatever I desire, whenever I desire and as much of what I desire. And there's so much overflow in my life and my business. I invite more flow into my life today.


I love who I am today. I value my life today, and I'm worthy of all that flows in today.


Every day, as I'm more in flow, I notice that more of what I want shows up so fast. It comes to me so quick, and it's greater than what I had ever imagined. It feels so good. It feels so amazing.


And you know what? I really like feeling good. I really like feeling amazing. I like feeling like a magnet to all the things that I desire. I like being a match for overflowing abundance.


I love deliberately conjuring up a feeling of freedom by imagining what it would feel like to have large amounts of money in my account at my disposal. I like the feeling of having clients lining up at my digital doors. I love the feeling of having an extremely successful launch. I love the feeling of being able to meet incredible people in the business and in the industry. I love the feeling of how I feel when I'm coaching and teaching.


I love the feeling of showing up on socials not because I need to or have to, but because I desire to and I want to. I love the feeling of seeing how my wealth and my abundance and my prosperity share such a light with the world. I love the idea that I'm contributing to helping other women see how other wealthy women operate, and it comes from the goodness of their soul and the goodness of their heart, and it makes the world a better place. I love the feeling of healing when I need to heal, to become stronger and more aware and more conscious of ego and where I'm operating from. I love this feeling of spontaneity, of being able to drop whatever I have going on today because I'm deciding to be more in flow and because of this, more people benefit, including myself and everybody else around me.


I love deliberately conjuring up a feeling of fullness in my life, of the family that is around me, of the fulfilment that's around me, of the achievement that's around me. I love feeling in successful vibes. I think about success a lot, and I acknowledge my success. Everything that I've created to this point in time. I love deliberately conjuring up a feeling of health and wellness that I look after myself.


That when I look after this body of mine, I access more flow than I can ever imagine. I love the feeling of taking in fresh air into my lungs and giving myself a lot of time to think whilst I'm on my walk or on my run. I love the idea that there is fresh air available. I love the idea that money comes in as easily as it is for me to inhale and money flows out to all the goodness in this world and how I can contribute to this world as easy as an exhale. I love my relationship with money and wealth and abundance and prosperity.


I love my relationship with pricing myself at where I know I'm worthy of. I love the idea of standing true to my boundaries. I love the idea of creating wonderful experiences for my clients. I love the idea of showing up to launch and to sell because I know that this will heal the world. I love the idea of being a powerful woman who owns her wealth, who owns her power, who owns her authority, who owns exactly who she is in the most authentic golden light.


I deliberately conjure up a feeling of worthiness, of knowing that I am worthy to be heard by the masses and to be seen by the millions and to be regarded as a thought leader. I love that feeling. I love the idea that traditional media outlets, they see what I'm doing and what I'm creating and they love having me featured in their articles and on their covers. I love the idea of radio stations and TV and all kinds of video based media outlets just wanting me on camera, wanting me on their screens. They can't wait to shout out what it is that my mission is all about.


I love deliberately conjuring up a feeling of having everything that I want and more and more and more of that flowing through. And I know that I'm so worthy of this. I'm so loved. I'm so supported and more of that just keeps showing up. Because the more I am in alignment to how flow wants to be in my day, the more I am tuning in to the success radio that's sending out these vibes to the universal storehouse of unlimited desires.


The storehouse is made just for me and I can access it whenever I want, as much of it as I want. And every time I choose to access it and bring it into this physical world, the more of that shows up in this world, the more it heals the world, the more it spreads incredible light into the world, the more it helps others see that they are also worthy of accessing their storehouse. Because each of our storehouses are just as big as each other's, if not more. And it multiplies. And it multiplies and it multiplies.


I love feeling love around me. I appreciate so much around me. I appreciate the trees and the birds and the water. I appreciate the food and the laughter and the joy. I appreciate the sun and the cold and the clothing that's on my back.


I appreciate the bed that I get to sleep in and I just appreciate being able to tune in to this vibration and this frequency thanks to my phone and to WiFi and the laptop. I love who I am today. I value my life today. I deeply and completely love and accept myself today and I am worthy of all the flow that is available to me today.


Thanks guys. I hope you loved this. Come back and listen to it every single day for the next seven days. Start inserting your own words and your own desires and when you need to take a breath, take a breath when you need to exhale, exhale pause. Listen to what I've just said.


Listen to the words let it integrate into your soul and I know how much this is going to realign your frequency to more flow each and every day. If you love this I would love it if you could screenshot it, share it, come on over DM me on Instagram and let me know what your favourite part was of this amazing affirmation. I know I'm going to be listening to it every day. I'll see you in the next episode my loves.