Flow State Business

Overwhelm - What is the checklist treadmill and how do you get off?

March 31, 2022 Ruby Lee Episode 242
Flow State Business
Overwhelm - What is the checklist treadmill and how do you get off?
Show Notes

Last week I touched on the checklist treadmill and today I’m talking about how to get OFF that cycle of overwhelm and into flow state in your business. 

Do you believe that working harder equals more success?

Most people do. But today I want to show you there’s a better way. A higher way. In this episode I bust the myth that hustling is the only way to success. The never ending to-do list and working harder with more effort only ever leads to burn out and overwhelm. 

When you learn to look through the lense of possibilities, you take your focus away from the problem and allow yourself the space and freedom to connect with what you desire. You start creating from your own source energy. 

I share 3 ways to change your energetic flow to allow inspired action to FLOW:

  • Write out your unwanted beliefs about hard work equaling more success. Then burn it!
  • Look at the where the structure in your business is not allowing flow
  • Play in the quantum field of energetics. My Call It In workshop will help you do this. 

If you are stuck on the checklist treadmill of creating reels, launching programs, writing emails, creating freebies and you’re wondering if you’ll ever be able to come up for air, this is the episode for you.

It doesn’t have to be hard. When you know how to access your own source energy, you can smash income stagnation, and accelerate into quantum growth. The hustling days are over. It’s time to step into your divine flow and I can’t wait to help you do that. 


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