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Energetics Work - How to rebalance when your energy is off

March 09, 2022 Ruby Lee Episode 239
Flow State Business
Energetics Work - How to rebalance when your energy is off
Show Notes

With so much going on in the world right now, it can be really challenging to know how to rebalance when your energy is off. War in Ukraine, flooding in Australia and everything that is happening in our personal lives. All of these external factors take a toll. 

Do you feel guilty for wanting to keep doing business as normal while there is so much suffering? It can be difficult to balance the energetic pull from world events and your own business.

The key is to bring yourself back to what you are here to do in this world.

What does your energy create? How is your light here to help in times of unrest?

I know that when I’m in my purest form of energy, I bring light, love and stability to others. 

In this episode, I’m discussing what to do when your energy is feeling off. I share some journaling prompts to help you rebalance your energy and show up in an authentic way for yourself, your business and the people in need. 

You can serve yourself no matter what is happening in the world. Because when your cup runs over, you are able to heal others. 

I’m also so excited to be launching the Fire Flow Metamind! You’ll be spending 55 days with me live. I’m helping coaches manage their energy within their coaching containers to flourish. Listen for more details within the episode! 


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