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Ruby Lee

Welcome to the Richuals® Podcast. I’m a soul-led female entrepreneur and Energetics Business Coach and my mission is to help intuitively aligned coaches meet their first million dollars in their online business.I share openly on topics such as money, spirituality in business, wealth building energetics, and the strategies that took me from zero to multiple 7 figures in less than 3 and a half years.What makes this podcast so unique is that spirituality and business aren’t separate from one another, instead in the Richuals® world, they actually exist as one.This podcast is filled with strategy, spirituality and proven tactics to help you think about entrepreneurship as a way of being, not just a way of doing. Infused with teaching from The Richuals Way®, my 8 signature phases to get to six figures in flow, we’ll dive deep into an alchemy of topics including mindset, online business strategy, astrology, human design, wealth creation and so much more!I'm excited to share interviews with other female entrepreneurs, healers, teachers and spiritual leaders who have melded their own rituals and practices to grow a successful business. The solo episodes will leave you feeling ready to take inspired action, create your own 'richuals' in business and become even more empowered to live your most authentic and abundant life. A little more about me…A few years ago I decided that I had to scratch the entrepreneurial itch. I quit my job as a tech start-up recruiter and went all in as an online coach. Along with my hubby, we created a global coaching brand, traveled the world as digital nomads with our two kids and in 3 years, grew a multi million dollar business.It took a lot of trial and error, trying out new strategies and of course daily discipline to get this far so quickly. But after some time, the hustle got tiring. I was frustrated with my lack of progress, feeling caged by my own limiting beliefs. I didn’t want to just create another J-O-B, I desired to experience freedom.In search of freedom, I turned to the inner work and found modalities like astrology, hypnotherapy, meditation and journaling to find ME again. I discovered ways to re-shape my reality and unlock my hidden strengths - as I became my true, unapologetic self, I rapidly grew my business to 7 figures with ease. Now I incorporate these teachings into my coaching philosophy. I blend spirituality with proven business principles to create massive growth for my clients. I’m a top-rated Forbes business coach and LOVE every single day in my business and life. Ready to dive in? Then start bingeing!xo Ruby
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